" It was early Sunday morning, when some of the people in the neighborhood were getting ready to go to church. Little did they realize this would be a Sunday they would soon not forget."

The Production Crew

  • Director                  Minister James Whitfield

  • Assistant Director          Nancy Johnson

  • Producer                           TJ & TJ Soul Production

  • Script Editors                 Ebony Biagas            Raven Biagas

  • Sound                          Larry Leach

  • Creative Consultant          C.A.

Center Stage Play

The Cast

  • Angel(1)                      Marla Pugh

  • Angel(2)                      Tasia Roddy

  • Temptress                  Raven Biagas

  • Outlaw                      John Davis

  • Smoky                    James Whitfield

  • Player                    Lonnie Roberts

  • Youth Minister     Solomon L. Johnson


Written by: John Davis
My quest is not for fortune or fame, but that all people might be saved  through the spreading of the Gospel in these plays.  God give us all talents, it's up to us to find out his will and purpose for our life.  Then once you have found his will for your life, you realize it's not you, it's him through you and give God all the praise! Amen.

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