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Total PKG screen education blends project-Based learning with Standard-Based Academic Curriculum.  Engaging students in a new generation fluent in the language of the screen.  Total PKG screen education.

How it works:  

Anytime you can present material in a way to put the essence of creativity and responsibility in the hands of the kids its a great thing.  A new type of learning: Screen Literacy, its a way of not only understanding text, but a way of providing them with a new set of critical thinking tools.

About PKG:


Calvin Anderson

Our goal is to give students the basic tools and practical hand-on experience needed for a thriving cultural life in all challenges and disciplines.  Entertainment is a medium to capture the youth. Education is a medium to guide them. The Arts can be a powerful vehicle for community renewal.

The Youngsters Exclusive Entertainment Program (YEEP)

Students are challenged to make creative decisions that in some way, great or small, contribute to the drama of their films. We encourage students to explore the various ways of expressing an idea or a thought through moving images. This lays a solid foundation for future work. The students themselves will apply what they have learned to whichever path they take.

Please join our mission in educating our youth through the entertainment mediums.


Literacy for the 21st Century:  Telling stories on the screen requires a powerful combination of Traditional Learning, New Technology Skills, and Pro-Social Interaction that helps students achieve success in school and in life.








Floaters and Sinkers
Thatís Density!

Grade Level: Middle School
Made with: iMovie
School: Carver Academy

For more than three years, PKG has been promoting innovation and excellence through its educational programs.  The PKG Screen Education Center empowers teachers and students to use the techniques of filmmaking to transform the learning process.  Students can master its grammar through screen writing, story boarding, shooting and editing.  Embracing new digital technologies students team up to tell their own stories.











If you need the following


Artist Development


Song Writing


Sport Music


Theme Music/Jingles


Commercial Music/Corporation


Music/Film Industry

Please send inquires to: pkg3@yahoo.com




Total PKG Productions also create music theme productions for Small Businesses, Schools, Weddings/Anniversaries to include private and personal request.

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