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Welcome to Totalpkg1.com. Home of The Cali Films Catalog and the Directory of Local, State & International Film and Video Festivals. Amongst other valuable resources, this site is a gateway to the most enjoyable, educational entertaining experience on the web today.

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Student Video Education

Communicating and informing  the need to ensure that youth would be an existing worker in the video & film industry and are able to find out about the great opportunities available to them to gain or develop specialist video &  film production skills.

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Business skills 

 The need to ensure that those just starting out or already working in the industry, often in 'micro-businesses' or self-employed, have the necessary business and management skills to make the most of their creative and technical expertise.


Improving diversity in the workforce 

The need to ensure that all sections of the population have equal access to becoming involved in the video &  film industry, making the most of potential talents available. 

Training provided for young people who wish to become freelance assistants in The Total PKG Network. Learning about  production, editing and technical areas of  video, film and television industry.

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