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Artist Judges_5


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Artist Judges_5

Artist Judges_5

Artist Judges_5

Judges Fyve,
blends many flavors, and creates timeless
music that never ends.

This style of music reflects the new millennium spirit of dignity, determination, and yes, dance-ability.

Judges Fyve
is the thinking
woman's music star. She views her music
as literature in the most
traditional sense: as a completely engaging way of communicating ideas.

Judges Fyve
music is clever,
astute, challenging and completely entertaining.

Living_4_Today CD Single Debut

Along the way
Judges Fyve
became known for blending a rainbow of musical styles and creative lyrics. The depth of her music touched a nerve of positive influences among her fans.

" Music became a way for me to write and express myself; it gave me a language to speak to my peers," She says.

"The possibilities for
what we can do in our communities, for people's self-esteem or their economic situation is what is so exciting."

Artist Judges_5

Artist Judges_5

Erica Young Foundation

Artist Judges_5
"It's beautiful that I can use music as a tool to communicate and possibly make a difference."

"I am not here to be a stereotypical female Artist," she says. "I'm actually here with what I believe is something important to say."

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